Skeggard Features
The original skeg guard
Handcrafted and Built in America
What is a Skeg guard?

A skeg guard is a custom built stainless steel cap that protects and or repairs your motors skeg. A skeg guard easily slides on a new skeg or broken skeg and taps into place with no welding needed.

Two quarter inch holes are placed in the steel Skeggard- ready to be transferred onto your skeg. Hardware included in the skeg guard kit makes installation fast and easy. It is made to be simple to install, to be durable, and to keep your boat on the water.

Repair your broken skeg!

Getting your skeg back to it’s original shape and size is more important than you think. When your skeg is broken and shorter than the factory size the boat can have trouble steering at low speeds.

This lack of steering and control can be dangerous. The skeg should always be slightly longer than the propeller and when it’s shorter the propeller becomes vulnerable to debris which can cause expense damage beyond just a broken skeg.

Protect your new skeg

Don’t wait for damage to occur to your new skeg. Damaged skegs happen often and are not predictable. Don’t let that situation ruin a perfect summer day on the water. With the steel skeg guard it’s easy to effectively protect your existing skeg and prevent damage that could cost you hundreds of dollars.

Buying a custom made steel skeg guard is an easy and affordable solution that gives you the peace of mind you need. Use a skeg guard to keep your boat on the water and not on a wait-list at your local boat repair shop.