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We believe in supporting our dealers and helping them get business. When you become a dealer you get added to our awesome dealer map so people can find your business easily. We also help you get the right photos and the right graphics so the product looks stellar. Finally we will share your business on all of our social networks and spread the word. We value your business and want a lot more than just a sale.

Why become a dealer?

Skeggard is a family run and operated business that has been producing high quality skeg guards for over the past 28 years. This year we decided to work with boat accessories dealers directly and provide them an excellent shopping experience plus the best pricing we’ve ever had. It’s our mission to provide each dealer with the best possible customer service so you and your customers walk away happy.

Easy Checkout and Free Shipping!

Let’s face it, trying to order stock can be a struggle if the website doesn’t have an easy to use checkout system. Well no need to worry because with Skeggard you get an intuitive backend that allows you to re-order past orders, find models fast and in a few clicks you’re finished. However if you get confused our support team is ready to help you and assist.