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Watch this customer review!

Thanks to Shawn Walkup for the review. We have taken your advice and new photos are on the way!

What is a skeg guard?

A skeg guard is a custom built stainless steel cap that protects and or repairs your motors skeg. A skeg guard easily slides on a new skeg or broken skeg that taps into place with no welding needed.

Two quarter inch holes are placed in the skeg guard ready to be transferred onto your skeg. Hardware included in the skeg guard kit makes installation fast and easy.


Protect your new skeg

Don’t wait for damage to occur to your new skeg. A damaged skeg happens often and don’t let it ruin a perfect summer day on the water. With the skeg guard it’s easy to effectively protect your existing skeg and prevent damage from costing you hundreds of dollars.

Buying a skeg guard is an affordable solution that gives you the peace of mind you need. Use a skeg guard and keep your boat on the water and not on a wait list at your local boat repair shop.

Repair your broken skeg

Getting your skeg back to it’s original shape and size is more important than you think. When your skeg is broken and shorter than the factory size the boat can have trouble steering at low speeds.

This lack of steering and control can be dangerous. The skeg should always be slightly longer than the propeller and when it’s shorter the propeller becomes vulnerable to debris which can cause expense damage beyond just a broken skeg.

It can happen to you

Shawn and Kim Mullins

Thanks for taking the time today Rick. Here’s a pic of the guard I mangled a couple weekends back. Boat skeg is still in great shape though so it did its job.

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27 Years and Counting

Here at Skeggard we offer a quality marine grade stainless steel skeg guard manufactured in America at a great price. We have been in the skeg protection business for 27 years and pride ourselves on selling the original Skeggard which is hands down the best in the industry. We ship all over the world and are known for not only our great product, but also our commitment to customer support and satisfaction. We have a rich history and we hope to stay around for a very long time to come.

Skeggard and the other guys

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations and knock offs. Our Original Skeggard is the best manufactured skeg protector on the market. No matter how the competitors change the look or the name, nothing compares to the quality of our American craftsmanship and design. Nothing compares to the original Skeggard.

We invented the Skeggard to help people protect and repair their skeg and we guarantee top notch quality. It’s our promise that we will continue to work hard to make sure we provide you with an excellent product you can trust is the best.

Learn what others are saying

Want to know more about how we stack up against our competitors? Visit www.skeggardreviews.com to gain insight on what everyone offers, and read reviews so you can decide for yourself what the best skeg guard is. We believe in honest and true feedback that will help our customers not only find the right product, but help us improve ours. Please feel free to leave feedback so we can better serve you the customer.

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  • Made in the United States
  • High Quality Stainless Steel
  • Zero Welding Needed
  • Easy Installation and Support
  • 50 Different Models in Stock
  • Hardware Included with Purchase
  • Fast and Affordable Shipping
  • Quality Tested and Approved

Everyone loves the Skeggard!

  • If your serious about boating you need this.

    Eric Lancaster
  • Great price and thanks for the quick delivery.

    Brian Knox
  • I only buy American. Skeggard is awesome.

    Andrew Willams
  • It did the job and saved my skeg.

    Shawn Mullins
  • This is a well made guard. Thanks Skeggard.

    Donny Malone
  • Thanks guys for helping me find the right fit.

    Bruce Randolph

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